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CSTC Services


The CSTC provides a variety of political and technical services to its member First Nations.  On the political side, CSTC provides a method for the Chiefs to collectively work together to address issues that are affecting their communities such as employment, major natural resource development, treaty negotiations, etc.  On many occasions the CSTC Executive will assist member First Nations knock on politicians doors and call to attention the inherent rights and concerns of their First Nations.

On the technical side, the CSTC generally provides services in the following areas (some headings link to their respective webpage with more details):

  • Communications - Provides services for dissiminating and transmitting information from the communities to the world and visa versa.
  • Education Department - Provides analysis support for Education policies affecting CSTC communities, promotes integration of Carrier and Sekani culture in curriculum and coordinates various projects related to Education.
  • Ecomonic Development - Provides assistance to community members exploring economic ventures, promotes business development within the communities and advocates for appropriate economic development for the CSTC member First Nations.
  • Finance Office - Provides assistance to member First Nations with their accounting, budget planning and reporting. 
  • Fisheries - Provides a variety of technical work in fisheries including enumeration of fish stocks, tracking fish habitat quality and promoting member First Nations concerns and rights around fish.
  • Forestry - Provides support to communities regarding forest policies, research and planning.
  • Language - Supports and advocates for the use and inclusion of the various dialects of Carrier and Sekani.
  • Land Use Planning - Provides analysis and research into land use planning, supports development of regional and local level First Nations land use plans and advocates for First Nations approaches to land use planning.
  • Mapping - Provides mapping support for various CSTC departments and member First Nations, including database management and compiling digital data used in cartography.
  • Mining - Provides policy and research support, and advocates for changes to legislation and processes.
  • Oil & Gas - Provides support in proposed and existing oil/gas projects, including research, policy analysis and advocacy.
  • Technical Services Unit - Provides services for Reserve Lands such as engineering, home inspections, capital and community planning.