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LNG Summit 2013

LNG Summit 2013

The Carrier Sekani Tribal Council hosted a First Nations Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Summit on October 9-10, 2013 in Prince George.  This invite only event was extremely well attended, with over 300 participants including First Nations, government and natural gas project proponents from Western Canada and Asia, as well as leading world energy specialists to share information, offer comparative examples from similar energy infrastructure, to discuss the risks and opportunities that come from such projects, including cumulative impacts.

First Nations across the so-called BC Energy Corridor from the northeast through our territories in the interior, to the Pacific are an essential part of a global energy value chain that stretches from Western Canada to energy users across Asia.   This chain includes the energy that comes from our traditional lands, pipelines, LNG liquefaction plants, marine shipping terminals; rail loading facilities, power generation plants, electricity transmission lines, and other services.

Facilitators Report - Miles Richardson

Map - LNG Projects in Northern BC

 Delegates Package (Agenda and Bios). Wed Oct. 9 and Thurs Oct. 10 (PDF)

Discussion Paper: How do First Nations Get a Fair, Just and Honourable Agreement and Share in the Benefits that will flow from the Proposed LNG Project Developments in BC (PDF)

First Nations Natural Gas Declaration (PDF)

For more information visit:

First Nations LNG Strategy website: www.fnlngstrategy.ca

BC First Nations Energy and Mining Council: www.fnemc.ca 



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