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Murdered & Missing Women

Murdered & Missing Women

On Monday, December 17, 2012 the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry released its report.  Below are the various volumes:


VOLUME I – The Women, Their Lives and the Framework of Inquiry: Setting the Context for Understanding and Change (3.2 MB)

VOLUME IIA – Nobodies: How and Why We Failed the Missing and Murdered Women Part 1 and 2 (4 MB)

VOLUME IIB – Nobodies: How and Why We Failed the Missing and Murdered Women Part 3, 4, and 5 (3.6 MB)

VOLUME III – Gone, but not Forgotten: Building the Women’s Legacy of Safety Together (3.3 MB)

VOLUME IV – The Commission’s Process (1.9 MB)



This section contains information that may not be suitable for everyone.  It is meant to raise awareness about missing and murdered women in northern BC, and throughout Canada.  Many of these women are First Nations, some of whom come from CSTC communities; all of them deserve justice.

Highway 16 runs east/west through the CSTC territory.  Sometimes known as the Highway of Tears, it has become part of a national trend across Canada were women have been found missing or murdered.  There are several organizations that are working with grassroots organizations and the survivors of these missing and murdered women to seek redress and justice.  There are issues of systemic racism and neglect on the part of law enforcement across Canada regarding missing and murdered indigenous women.  Some of these organizations include:

Complaints regarding Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in British Columbia, Canada (Organization of American States submission)

NEWS about Murdered and Missing Women