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Natural Gas Pipelines

Natural Gas Pipelines

There are various natural gas pipelines being proposed in northern BC, all of which would transect CSTC members territories.  The CSTC is actively trying to understand the implications of these projects on Carrier Sekani lands and waters.  Besides rights, the Carrier Sekani have a responsbility to protect the land for current and future generations.  Here is some information for the public to consider:

Newsletter - June 2014


Project Descriptions

Each of these projects are in the environmental assessment phase.  By the end of 2014, the BC government will decide whether or not to issue the approvals for these projects.  The PNG Looping project is expected to be completed its environmental assessment by March 2015.

Coastal Gas Link Pipeline (CGLP)


CSTC Submissions to BCEAO for CGLP




Oct 6/14 TERA to Nak'azdli re: TERA reply to Nak'azdli Aug 28  208 KB
Oct 3/14               To Micheal Shepard, Project Assessment Manager 40 KB              
Oct 3/14 To Hon Polak, Hon Coleman Re: CSTC CGLP 460 KB
Oct 3/14 Appendix A - UFFCA Report Assessment of CGLP Effects on Select Fish and Wildlife Interests of CSTC First Naations 1.3 MB
Oct 3/14 Appendix B - Cumulative Effects on the Aboriginal Rights and Interests of the CSTC First Nations.  A Preliminary Re-assessment of the CGLP 3.7 MB
Oct 3/14 Appendix C - Nadleh and Nak'azdl: Preliminary Use and Occupancy Study for the CGLP 1.6 MB
Oct 3/14 Appendix D - Socio-Economic Study. Nak'azdli and Nadleh, re: CGLP. Part 1 of 2. Baseline 1.5 MB
Oct 3/14 Appendix D - Socio-Economic Study. Nak'azdli and Nadleh, re: CGLP. Part 2 of 2. Issues Scoping 573 KB
Oct 3/14 Minister Polak to CSTC re Sept 3 and 11 letters CGLP timelines 220 KB


Prince Rupert Gas Pipeline (PRGT)

Westcoast Gas Transmission Pipeline (WCGTP)

Pacific Northern Gas Looping (PNG Looping)

Pacific Trails Pipeline (PTP) - EA Certificate Issued; undergoing some amendments

Government-to-Government Discussions

The CSTC is working with several of its member First Nations to negotiate a natural gas pipeline agreement with the BC government, as well as a higher level type of agreement.  Over the next several months the CSTC negotiation team will be visting CSTC communities to discuss with membership their interests, and concerns regarding these negotiations.  For more information please contact Jaime Sanchez (, or the CSTC Tribal Chief at 250-562-6279.