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No to Enbridge Pipeline

No to Enbridge Pipeline


The CSTC and its supporters at the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, First Nations Summit and Sea to Sands Conservation Alliance have created this TV ad that will be featured on some channels throughout the north and in BC.  While we don't have the budget for ad campaigns like Enbridge does, we hope that you'll find this informative.  If you're interested in supporting the CSTC in opposing the Enbridge Northern Gateway project please contact our office



Canadians and First Nations are joining forces to voice their democratic right to oppose projects that are not in their interest.  The Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project is one of these projects.  Here are some petitions that you should sign:

Call, write and visit you MLA to voice your concern that the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Project is not worth the risk!!  Search for your MLA contact details:

CSTC Radio Ad - Click to download and listen

Support for Rallies

The CSTC is not alone in the opposition to the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project.  During the Joint Review Panel sessions held in 2011 and 2012, the CSTC and others have been speaking out against the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal. On July 9, 2012, the CSTC and Sea to Sands Conservation Alliance were joined by over 200 people in Prince George to protest the doomed Northern Gateway project.

Letter from Union of BC Indian Chiefs 

Letter from Shawn Atleo

Letter from Regional Chief Jody Wilson Raybould - BC AFN

Pipeline and Tanker Trouble - The Impact to British Columbia's Communities, Rivers, and Pacific Coastline from Tar Sands Oil Transport

Authors Anthony Swift, Natural Resources Defense Council
Nathan Lemphers, Pembina Institute
Susan Casey-Lefkowitz, Natural Resources Defense Council
Katie Terhune, Living Oceans Society
Danielle Droitsch, Natural Resources Defense Council

November 2011

Exerpts from Introduction:

"The Canadian government is considering a proposal to build a pipeline under mountains and across rivers that could carry more than half a million barrels of raw tar sands crude oil (known as bitumen) daily across important  salmon rivers, coastal rainforests, and sensitive marine waters. The Northern Gateway pipeline, proposed by energy company Enbridge, would stretch over 1,000 kilometres to connect the tar sands of Alberta with the Pacific  coast of British Columbia. From that point, the extracted bitumen would be transported by tanker to refineries in Asia, California, or elsewhere. 

While the potentially devastating impacts of tar sands production are well documented, the increased risk and potential harm from transporting bitumen is less known. This report outlines the potential dangers of bitumen transportation and the risks of spills to the environment and the economy in a region that depends on healthy fisheries, lands, and waters."



CSTC Letter Campaign

In early January 2010, the CSTC sent letters to all Members of Parliament in Canada, and all the BC Members of the Legislative Assembly.  Letters were also sent to the BC First Nations Chiefs and the Fishing Associations along the Fraser River and Marine Approach Areas.  The CSTC operates with limited resources and is raising the concerns brought forward by its members that the risks of constructing the twin oil/condensate pipelines through Carrier Nation territories was not worth the risk.

CSTC Letter to MPs of Canada & MLAs in BC.  Jan. 7, 2010.  Pipeline Not Worth the Risk.

CSTC Letter to BC First Nations.  Jan. 7, 2010.  Support CSTC Opposition to Enbridge Proposal.

CSTC Letter to BC Mayors, Hwy 16.  Jan. 7, 2010.  Pipeline Not Worth the Risk.

CSTC Letter to Fraser River & Marine Approach Area Fishery Sector Reps.  Jan 7, 2010.  Support CSTC Opposition.

Responses & Support

Nathan Cullen, MP.  Skeena Bulkley Valley.  Jan. 26, 2010.

Marlene Jennings, MP. Notre-Dame-de-Grâce - Lachine.  Jan. 26, 2010.


There is increasing concern about the proposed Enbridge Gateway Project.  The CSTC is not alone in voicing the serious concern for short and long term impacts to our environment, economy and communities.

Office of the Wet’suwet’en Official Site

Pembina Institute


Sea-to-Sands Conservation Alliance



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