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Carrier Sekani Tribal Council Celebrates Indigenous Veterans Day – November 8 and Remembrance Day –




November 8, 2016                                                             

Carrier Sekani Tribal Council Celebrates Indigenous Veterans Day – November 8 and Remembrance Day – November 11

Dakelh Territory, Prince George:  The Carrier Sekani Tribal Council (CSTC) remembers and celebrates the Indigenous peoples from our communities who have served and sacrificed to defend this land and nation. We are moved by pride and gratitude by our peoples’ contributions during times of great need.

At this time of remembrance we would like to draw Canada’s collective attention and memory to Indigenous supportive contributions to the nation’s historical narrative of conflict, including Word War I and II. Indigenous peoples have stood side by side with their fellow Canadians to face great threats to their lives and freedoms.

More than 4,000 Indigenous Peoples in Canada left their homes and their families to help fight in the First World War. Approximately 500 Indigenous soldiers died during the First and Second World Wars. Indigenous peoples who did not directly serve in the wars also provided meaningful contributions by donating money to war relief funds and generously giving reserve land for use as defense posts, airports and rifle ranges.

Some Carrier Sekani War Veterans

Burns Lake First Nation: Frank Tibbetts, SR. Nadleh Whut’en Band: James Ketlo, William Nooski, Mois Patrick, Arthur Sutherland, Andrew Thomas.Nak’azdli: Private David Benoit, Lawrence Billy, Emil Lawrence, Harvey Leon, Bernard Michelle, Private Morrison Murdock, First Marine Core Albert Prince, Private Bob Prince, Gunner Frederick Prince, Herbert Prince, Private MacWilliam Prince, Private Raymond Prince, Private Solomon Prince, Private Thomas Prince, Gunner Thomas Prince, Private Jack Rossetti, Gunner Jimmy Rossetti, Mark Steven. Stellat’en First Nation: Joseph Isaac Augusta, Sam Casimel, Private Albert Jardine, Private Tony Ketlo, Private Edward Ketlo, Evelyn McDermit (served in the Air Force), Corporal Peter Alex Thomas, Pierre Thomas. Saikuz First Nation: Alec Antoine, George Antoine, Jimmy James Antoine, Johnnie Antoine, Paul Antoine, Duncan George, Sam George, Max Ketlo, Isaac Patrick, Tobie Patrick, Justa Paul, Gunner Dick Patrick, Isaac Patrick, Private Franky (Smokey) Quaw. Tl’azt’en Nation: Lance Corporal Alex Alexis, Billy Moore, Private Philip Tylee. Wet’suwet’en First Nation: Andrew George, SR.


Contact: Tribal Chief Terry Teegee, CSTC Office : (250) 562-6279; Cell: (250) 640-3256 or Communications Coordinator Annette Schroeter ext. 231.

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