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Carrier Sekani Tribal Council Stands with Standing Rock Sioux


For Immediate Release
September 15, 2016

Carrier Sekani Tribal Council Stands with Standing Rock Sioux

Dakelh Territory/Prince George BC – The Carrier Sekani Tribal Council (CSTC) supports the Standing Rock Sioux in their fight against the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL ‐ majority owned by Enbridge). The proposed DAPL, a 1,800 kilometer, 30 inch, oil pipeline that originates in the Bakken Oil Field (North Dakota), would transect the Standing Rock Sioux territory. The Standing Rock Sioux have not been adequately consulted, nor have their Treaty provisions from the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 been upheld.

The CSTC encourages the Obama Administration and the United States Government to intervene to stop all developments of the DAPL due to the fact the construction will disturb sacred sites, burial grounds and put the Sioux Tribe territory at risk of oil spills. The CSTC firmly believe oil pipelines are too risky, it is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ the pipeline will breach and place the environment and surrounding waters at risk, in particular the Missouri River.

Tribal Chief Terry Teegee stated, “Our people have been fighting the same fight against Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline for the last 10 years, we fully support the Standing Rock Sioux, and their allies, to initiate the full authority of their indigenous laws to say NO to the DAPL!” The CSTC, its member First Nations, and other Indigenous Nations have been opposed to oil projects that are not worth the risk to our land and waters. We encourage the Standing Rock Sioux to continue their opposition to the DAPL, and use all legal means possible. The Enbridge Northern Gateway project is almost dead because of our 10 years of legal and political battles. Indigenous Nations in BC have been successful in our battle against Enbridge because of our unity to protect the waters, which is sacred for all life.

From this unity, the Yinka Dene Alliance created the Save the Fraser Declaration which was signed by over 130 Indigenous Nations from across Canada and the United States. Tribal Chief Teegee concluded, “If there is one lesson we learned in this process was that Enbridge brought all of our Indigenous Nations together to protect the water in our territories. We are witnessing the same situation in the Dakota’s. We are witnessing the indigenous people come together to once again protect Mother Earth, WE SUPPORT THE STANDING ROCK SIOUX!


For Further Information Contact:

Tribal Chief Terry Teegee, office 250‐562‐6279 ext. 223, cell (250) 640‐3256

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