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CSTC Joins Thousands Against ...

CSTC Joins Thousands Against Enbridge

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October 23, 2012

CSTC Joins Thousands Against Enbridge

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Dakelh Territory, Prince George, British Columbia. Canada. Yesterday the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council (CSTC) joined thousands of people on the steps of the BC legislature to voice their opposition to oil pipelines and tankers resulting from projects like the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipelines.  First Nations stood united with unions, environmental groups, celebrities and concerned Canadians that want to protect First Nations lands and the environment from oil tankers and pipelines.

Tribal Chief Terry Teegee said, "It was a great day to see over 3,000 people fight for our lands and right to protect it from Enbridge."  He added, "This is only the beginning of the battle for our future generations.  Enbridge spells disaster for Carrier Sekani peoples.  It's time that the Northern Gateway project just die, and go away."  The National Energy Board is concluding its review of the Enbridge proposal to build twin pipelines that would transect unceded  Carrier Sekani territory. 

"We are united as indigenous peoples, as an unconquered people that have rights and title to our lands.  The government of BC and Canada will never get our consent to build oil pipelines through our lands", said Chief Martin Louie of the Nadleh Whut'en First Nation, a member of the CSTC.  In 2005 the CSTC completed a study on the proposed Enbridge pipelines, and found that it was not worth the risk to Carrier Sekani lands and waterways.  Chief Louie said, "Enbridge and the Harper government are colluding to destroy the environment and First Nations people.  It's a dangerous game that Harper is playing with First Nations.  We will not be bullied.  We will fight on the land to protect our environment from the threat Enbridge brings."

"This week there will be more protests in Prince George.  Carrier Sekani people will be there to voice our concerns to local MLAs and MPs.  Our land and rights are worth defending, and we will continue to oppose the Enbridge pipeline", said Tribal Chief Teegee.  On Wednesday, October 24 there will be rallies at the Prince George Civic Centre at 5:00 PM. 

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For further information contact:
Tribal Chief Terry Teegee, RPF: 250-562-6279; Cell 250-640-3256

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