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NEB Joint Review Panel Is Flawed

NEB Joint Review Panel Is Flawed

Dakelh Territory, Prince George, British Columbia.  Canada. Today the National Energy Board (NEB) will be in Prince George for day 5 of the Joint Review Panel (Panel) hearings regarding the doomed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project.  The CSTC will not be participating in this flawed process. 

“The whole Panel review process is flawed for First Nations”, said Vice Tribal Chief Terry Teegee. He noted, “They don’t have any mandate or direction to examine the impacts to our Aboriginal rights and title, which have not been extinguished by any government.”  In addition the review is limited in scope and will only examine the actual pipeline route and not consider regional and global cumulative impacts from the actual extraction, shipping and use of the dirtiest oil in Canada.

Tribal Chief David Luggi said, “Our people have examined this project in 2006 and found that it was not worth the risk.”  He continued, “We are prepared to protect our inherent and legal rights to protect our lands and resources.  Enbridge should save its investors money and the Canadian taxpayers from further burdens by dropping this doomed project.”  Carrier Sekani First Nations are not opposed to development within their territories so long as there is free, prior and informed consent.

Investors from around the world are encouraged to talk to Carrier Sekani First Nations before even submitting any permits to the BC or Canadian governments.  Without First Nations consent, projects will be mired in uncertainty and legal challenges particularly the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal.

“We need a new and improved process for land use planning and shared decision-making,” concluded Vice Tribal Chief Terry Teegee.


For more information please contact:

Tribal Chief David Luggi: Office (250) 562-6279 e.222. Cell: (250) 640-6622
Vice Tribal Chief Terry Teegee:  Office (250) 562-6279 e.223.  Cell: (250) 640-3256

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