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Watershed Talk Newsletter - Fraser River Aboriginal Fisheries Secretariat

By: Pete Nicklin and Aidan Fisher (Neill), FRAFS Biologists
With the termination of the marine test fisheries, we are now in the end of the Fraser sockeye migration, and well into the Fraser pink migration. In total, neither have come anywhere close to preseason mid-point forecasts with the exception of a couple sockeye stocks that performed slightly better than the rest (Quesnel, Pitt). Many (if not all) Fraser and marine approach First Nations that rely on these stocks have not been able to come even close to meeting FSC fisheries expectations.

Today the Fraser River Panel adopted final in-season run sizes for all four management groups of Fraser sockeye, which are mainly an accounting adjustment of a few thousand fish to align the in-season run sizes with the hydroacoustic passage estimates. None of the sockeye aggregates exceeded the LAER this year, which led to a very challenging fishing season. The Panel also adopted an in-season run size for Fraser pinks, and one of the earliest migration timings ever observed.

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