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Urgency rises to build sturgeon hatchery

WRT Water Quality Monitoring

Generic information on the Environment Canada water quality monitoring program:

Here is a link to the site where you can find specific info on specific contaminants at specific sites on the Fraser:

This one has a page the tells what is being monitored:

A paper that looks at Water Quality in the Fraser Basin from the SFU File Transfer Site:

First Nations Fisheries Council
The B.C. First Nations Fisheries Council was established in 2007 following meetings that the Leadership Council facilitated among British Columbia First Nations in October and November 2006. The Vision, Goals and Principles of the FNFC can be found in the First Nations Fisheries Action Plan. For more information please visit their website.

Fraser Basin Council
The Fraser Basin Council is a non-profit society that brings people together to find solutions to long standing issues and conflicts, and to take advantage of opportunities to advance sustainability in the Fraser River Basin and beyond.  The Fraser Basin Council works to ensure that the decisions made today will protect and advance the social, economic, environmental dimensions of sustainability into the future.

Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC
Fresh Water Fisheries Society of BC site.  Assist in the operation of sturgeon hatcheries in BC.

Get out Migration
Alexandra Morton's website which covers the " Get out Migration" which was a 500km march down Vancouver Island in the spring of 2010. Starting from Sointula and ending with a huge rally in Victoria, the Migration raised awareness about the impacts of salmon feedlots on the wild salmon of BC. It was also an opportunity for communities to express their passion for wild salmon and their protection.
Since then Alexandra and her supporters have toured the Fraser River watershed, including Prince George, Stellaten, Nadleh Whuten, Nakazdli, Tlazt'en and Takla Lake. Please see the website for more information, photos and updates.

New edition of Freshwater Fishes of BC
The newest edition of the "Freshwater Fishes of British Columbia" is available.  The author is J.D. McPhail from UBC.  This book will be an important resource, with 81 species accounts.

Upper Fraser Fisheries Conservation Alliance
Upper Fraser Fisheries Conservation Alliance (UFFCA)
Provincial Aquaculture and Commercial Fisheries Program
Fraser River Aboriginal Fisheries Secretariat (FRAFS).  Look here for online editions of "Watershed Talk"  an Aboriginal fisheries newsletter for fisheries representatives and their organizations.
Site for conservation of the Fraser River population of White Sturgeon.  Rick Hansen is involved with the conservation efforts of this group.
This website features updates on the Nechako White sturgeon, photos from the juvenile release in Vanderhoof and more.