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Technical Services Unit

Technical Services Unit


The role of the Technical Services Unit (TSU) is to provide CSTC communities with engineering, capital planning and maintenance advisory services. This department is led by a Professional Engineer and support staff whose responsibilities include the following:

Capital Project Delivery:

  • ongoing technical advice in support of the capital delivery process; preparing project submissions; reviewing feasibility studies, physical development plans, pre-designs, design plans, specifications and contracts; liaison with member Bands and government agencies as relates to capital project delivery.

Operation and Maintenance of Community Infrastructure:

  • providing advice on maintenance budgets; providing advice on maintenance matters and solving operational problems; on-the-job training for community maintenance personnel; on-the-job safety training for community maintenance personnel.

The following is subject to availability of funding:

  • coordination and implementation of training workshops and upgrading programs; coordinating/conducting information sessions on municipal infrastructure, construction management, operation and maintenance matters for Band Managers, Works Officers and community leaders.

Other Activities:

  • The Technical Services Unit will take on other activities on behalf of member Band’s on a project specific basis provided specific funds are made available for this work. These activities include: preparation of Physical Development Plans; preparation of Feasibility Studies; designs and pre-designs; construction supervision services; project management